About Hypnotic Stomach Banding

Hypnotic Stomach Banding, also called Gastric Band Hypnosis Band or Hypnotic Gastric Banding, is a highly effective weight loss method for people with a high Body Mass Index.

On your first session we will go through a thorough initial assessment to find out about your lifestyle, eating patterns and possible triggers for over-eating and snacking. The basic Hypnotic Stomach Banding process is run over 4 sessions, which can be followed by check-up sessions. During the sessions, I will take you through the mental experience of having a Hypnotic Stomach Band (Gastric Band) fixed. A combination of techniques, suggestions and visualisation will help to convince your mind that your stomach has become smaller and that you can eat only smaller portions whilst feeling full and satisfied quickly during and after your gastric band hypnosis sessions. Each session is between 80 to 90 minutes long.


Hypnotic Stomach Banding and Gastric Band Surgery

Gastric Band surgery costs from £4000 to £6000 and is usually carried out on people with a high BMI.  The surgical gastric band causes stress to the body can occasionally lead to complications. It also may need re-adjusting from time to time.

Gastric Band Hypnosis  is much more cost effective than gastric band surgery. Hypnotic Stomach Banding will make you feel calm, relaxed and in control. A state of mind is created where your body believes that a gastric band has been fitted.


‘Do I qualify for the Hypnotic Stomach Banding?’

  • Your BMI should be around or above 30, but can also be beneficial for people with a BMI over 25